Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3 For Developers

iOS 5 beta 3 comes out of the oven, brings new fixes and toggles to the table to registered developers. Build number is 9A5259f. A new iTunes 10.5 beta for Mac OS X has also been released. Itsalltech has shared a detail on this, check it out bellow.

Apple has now unleashed beta 3, meaning those with sensitive taste buds (and developer accounts) can start sniffing and sussing out what’s changed. Of note seem to be a bevy of toggles controlling location services in detail, while there’s also a new switch for voice roaming in settings. From what we’re seeing not a lot has changed visually anywhere outside of the gears icon, but don’t let that stop you from grabbing this savory download.

UPDATE: Changes as we find them are below:

  • A couple of notes from the release notes: FaceTime icon missing in Settings; iMessage works from beta 2 to beta 3, but not beta 1 to beta 2 or 3
  • Location Services can now be enabled or disabled right from initial setup:
  • You can disable/enable which system services to have location services:


  • No new wallpapers in this build
  • Software Update now shows what version you have installed:
  • iTunes Wi-Fi Sync new name:
  • Voice Roaming added:
  • Clear Cookies and Data has been added back in Safari settings:
  • New Advanced menu in Safari preferences:
  • Inside the Advanced menu:
  • When entering the Music app on iOS 5 beta 3:
  • From an initial standpoint, the entire beta just seems more snappier. Lots of bugs have been addressed and performance seems to be improved.
  • Reminders has a new icon:
  • Music has a “Store” button that brings you to the iTunes Store:
  • You can now create a new “Mailbox” directly from the Mail app:
  • It seems like Apple will be sticking with the new style of lock screen notifications first introduced in the last build – they have remained unchanged.
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