Apple Starts Accepting App Submissions For iOS 7

Yesterday at a launch event which mustered a lot of fanfare, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 5S handset, running iOS 7. And now Apple has announced that it has started accepting app submissions for iOS 7.

iOS 7 apps

iOS 7 is being considered a major software upgrade from Apple as it brings a huge visual revamp to iOS devices. The company has specifically focused on enhancing the visual outlook of the icons and apps in iOS 7, together with many new features that have been added to it.

To cite a few, iOS 7 comes equipped with AirDrop, better management of background tasks and a lot more. Thanks to these new features, developers can build such new apps which make use of them. Naturally, the current versions of different apps do not make use of the new iOS 7 offerings because they were created before the arrival of the firmware version.

At the same time, Apple has posted a document online which aims to help the developers transition to the creation of 64-bit apps on iPhone 5S, since the handset packs a chip with 64-bit architecture. This is the first-ever time that a 64-bit chip is being used for a smartphone and this opens up many possible avenues for the apps developers. If you are an iOS developer and wish to read this document, it is posted at Apple’s official developer site. However, you’ll need login credentials to access it.

Source: Apple
Courtesy: 9to5mac

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