Apple to hold iPhone 4 press conference this Friday

Apple has been inviting journalists to a press conference on its Cupertino, Calif., campus at 10 a.m. Pacific time Friday, the subject being the iPhone 4. But what about the iPhone 4 would require the company to summon the press on such short notice? Could Apple be introducing a new case for its smartphone? Will the company make it in colors besides black and white? Is Apple on the verge of finally granting some techies’ fondest wish by introducing a push-to-talk iPhone for Nextel?

Apple has invited a select group of journalists to a press conference about the iPhone 4 on Friday.The press conference will be held at 10AM at Apple’s Cupertino campus. It will likely address controversy surrounding the device’s antenna performance, which degrades if the phone is held in the so-called death grip.

It’s not clear if Steve Jobs will host the press conference.No other information about the conference is available. According got Macworld, the invite simply says it’s a “press conference about iPhone 4,” nothing more.

Obviously the company is going to be getting out in front of this antenna drama (finally). We’ve been invited and we’ll be there, presumably reporting live! It all happens at 10AM PT, Friday the 16th.

The iPhone 4 Antennagate went into overdrive this week after Consumer Reports tests showed the issue is hardware related, and not a software problem as Apple had claimed earlier this month.


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