Apple Trying To Merge Apple iTunes Into Safari

According to the reports of Three Guys and a Podcast is claiming that Apple going to merge or combine its iTunes app into its Safari browser by this year, and hence we may get a new app for both i.e. browsing the web and running media.Currently, you have to install iTunes and Safari separately but after this merger there will be no more hassle for Apple users. The confirmation of the merger is indicated after Apple acquired the streaming service company ‘lala’ for $80 million in December 2009. Apple will apparently announce the merger at Apple’s iPod special event which is holding this fall.

Apple may be preparing a massive move that will propel Safari from niche browser to market leader. The move to merge Safari and iTunes into one software solution appears long in the works, which may arrive this fall at Apple’s usual iPod special event.

According to the report, one reason for the push is to boost Safari’s market share among Internet browsers, where Apple has yet to crack the 5% mark. Tying iTunes into Safari, it is argued, would likely bring a significant boost to the company’s share of the browser market as consumers turn to the integrated environment.

It is believed that Safari will be the only browser able to access iTunes, as iTunes is built into the browser itself. “Moving iTunes organizational side-bar into Safari isn’t a monumental task” claimed a source, adding “Safari would skyrocket in use as a result of integrating the software titles together.

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