Apple’s iTunes Connect Resumes One Day Before Schedule

Apple had announced earlier that iTunes Connect, Apple’s developer portal will be offline for a few days during Christmas and that developers won’t be able to access it. According to the announcement, it was to stay offline from Dec 22 to Dec 29. But rather then the scheduling restart, the portal resumed early on Wednesday. The developers, who were earlier getting a ‘Sorry We’re closed’ message were finally able to access it.

iTunes Connect is the portal for developers. It provides the developers with all the necessary tools which let them manage their content offered through Apple’s App Store. Through tools such as financial reports and contract managements, developers are aided in managing their content effectively.

Also, the only way through which a developer can submit new app and updates for an existing product is through this very portal. In this way, the portal is a very crucial part, both for the developers and Apple itself who manages most of it’s app-development-related content management through this portal.

There has been a rapid surge in the sales of iOS devices and with that, more and more iOS developers are heading for iTunes Connect to submit new apps for iOS devices. With millions of smartphone devices and tablets activated on a daily basis and this number growing exponentially, the app market is expected only to grow more in the coming years and become more sophisticated. And that will provide space to thousands of new app developers to enter the market with their newer apps.
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