Apple’s Plan For Dual SIM iPhone!

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Apple has recently released iOS 12 beta 5. In addition to some minor tweaks and feature improvements, there are some definite hints that in the near future we will have dual SIM iPhone.

Market experts have been making many speculations about the iPhone. And surprisingly with the new iOS 12 beta 5, they will feel more encouraged to do so.

Dual SIM iPhone

In the recent months, many sources have been reporting that iPhone might soon launch a dual SIM phone. Although Apple has not made any comments on it. Also, it avoided making any comments about integrating dual SIM capabilities in their phone in the WWDC 2018.

To get to the truth, people from 9To5Mac took the effort to take a look inside the iOS 12 beta 5 code.

According to people at 9to5mac, the specific part of the system that is responsible for generating diagnostic reports has parts to it that make direct reference to ‘second SIM status’ and ‘second SIM tray status’. At another part of the system, the reference ‘dual SIM device’ was located.

All these information indicate only one thing. iPhone might soon market phones that come with dual SIM card capabilities. Interestingly, the reference ‘second SIM tray’ can be interpreted as, new iPhone having two separate slots for the two SIMs. Whereas many sources were speculating that the new iPhone will come in two versions. The first one would have a regular SIM and an e-SIM. And the other will have slots for two regular SIMS. However, it would be too early to jump to any conclusion already.

If all the indicators are right, iPhone users would not need to swap out SIM cards to interchange between carriers. Android devices have had the dual SIM feature for years. Major rivals of Apple have already introduced dual SIM phones for its consumers.

Wrapping Up!

What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you buy an iPhone with Dual Sim cards? Please let us know in the comments section.

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