[Astonishing] Our Report Says Major User Already Upgraded To iOS 6.0.1 But Why?

We reported Apple rolled iOS 6.0.1 update on 2nd November. Chitika already reported 7.5% user upgraded to 6.0.1 within 24 hour of release. Today our own analysis indicates already major iOS user upgraded to 6.0.1.

This chart shows TheTechJournal’s iOS user details on 6th November from Google Analytics. Taking last 24 hour into consideration we could see 33.38% user already upgraded to 6.0.1 within just 4 days of release. And iOS 6.0 market share dropped to 27.34%. Check top iOS versions’ market share below

1) iOS 6.0.1 – 33.38%
2) iOS 6.0 – 27.34%
3) iOS 5.1.1 – 21.98%

From our day-to-day data it seems users upgrading to 6.0.1 exponentially. And overall adaptation is surprising, and gaining daily almost 5-7% among overall iOS market.

Why its Astonishing?

Take few points into consideration then you will understand why its astonishing

# People do Jailbreak, and people do it a lot. Its rumored almost 40% iOS user Jailbreak their device. Still there is no stable Jailbreak for any major iOS device on 6.0.1. (Yes, redsn0w beta is in test but not application for mass). So all those 40% or so people rely on Jailbreak could not upgrade their device. Still 33.38% user did in just 4 day.

# Due to a software bug iPhone 5 user was unable to upgrade via OTA. They either need to connect to Computer and upgrade from there or install a temp apps and upgrade to solve the issue. This makes iOS 6.0.1 adaptation for iPhone 5 user a lot hard.

# This 6.0.1 really does not offer any new feature, not even a single charming feature. Then why people upgrading in first place?

# Superstorm Sandy slams Northeast just last week. And a big portion of US was affected by it. Its reported 5.8 million people did not had electricity. But still people upgrading to 6.0.1. Stange!

What Could Lead People Upgrading This Fast?

Lets try to find the cause of that fast adaptation.

1. I think its because of that famous WiFi bug that iOS 6.0 brought on most device. There are so many report on some other but very annoying bug which affected how people user iDevice in daily life. So as soon people come to know there is an update they just jumped upon the update button.

2. Most user are very information and as iPad 4 and iPad mini just announce and coming to store, so people were way too much interested about anything Apple, so they came to know about update fast and clicked the button fast too.

3. It was rather super small update. It varies on device from 30mb-75mb download only OTA(Over The Air). But in general in past we have seen OTA download over 550mb. So it was a rather easy, fast and less time consuming update decision.

4. Its how Apple Ecosystem works. User are so connected, up-to-date and used to in keeping their device in latest version. Its very unlikely with now so called all winning Android platform. Millions of device never got even years old update and probably never will. Even their flagship device like Galaxy S 3, HTC One X, XL hardly got latest Jelly Bean 4.1.

5. Its easy to upgrade in iOS. You don’t even need to connect to computer to upgrade. No complex process, in fact you even don’t have to click on any button other than just “Update” button.

6. I don’t have any detail data but probably people started caring less about Jailbreak. And due to unavailability of any real software unlock for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S or even for any other iPhone in latest version, people either using official carrier or getting carrier unlock which is pretty cheap and easy to get. So majority user is not worried if updating to latest version will hamper his possibility to Jailbreak and Unlock.

7. People are too bored this days, has nothing to do so clicked update button!

Did you upgrade your device? Why? Share with us. Should we run a poll on why people upgrade their device? Share your thoughts and opinion on the comments section below.

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