AT&T Announced It Won’t Be Selling iPhone 4 Until June 29th!

AT&T Won’t Begin Selling the iPhone 4 Until June 29th! They stock is already finished, They said they will have limited stock available on 29th June.

AT&T has announced that it won’t be selling iPhone 4s in store until June 29th!

“Unless you have pre-ordered the device we will not have any iPhone 4 devices in our stores on June 24th. We will begin selling devices in our stores on June 29th”

“We definitely don’t want you guys camping out at our stores or waiting online, only to be disappointed. Keep in mind that we’ll have limited inventory in the stores on June 29th. If we sell out you’ll have the option to buy one and have it delivered to your home, your business, or an AT&T store.”

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