BatteryDetective Tweak to Test Your iDevice’s Battery Drain

A new battery tweak has released into Cydia.BatteryDetective is an iDevice tweak for all jailbroken iDevices.BatteryDetective is actually a good way to know which of your background running app is draining your iDevice battery.Besides the ability to to test the amount of battery drain on background applications, BatteryDectective can also be used to test the amount of battery drain on different iDevice settings.

It’s key feature is to show the amount of drain Apps and Settings put on your device. It does so by analyzing apps running in the background and determines the amount of drain that they are pulling on your battery. In addition, BatteryDetective also has a “Manual Mode”, which tells you the amount of drain caused by your device’s Settings such as 3G/ WiFi, Bluetooth or even the iPhone 4′s flash.

BatteryDetective can also be paired with SB Settings to allow you to greater visualize where your battery life is going! And besides providing very accurate stats on how different applications and settings affect your battery life, BatteryDetective also provides you with realtime details about how long your battery will last for.

It is available through the Cydia Store for a price of $1.99.

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