Call of Duty Elite Comes for iPhone, iPad

Call of Duty Elite’s fans got some good news recently as they found out how to bring along some of the fun everywhere they go. Now the first person shooter franchise that made quite a splash to say the least on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 is available on mobile devices from the high end range. As the company announced, free apps especially designed for iOS and Android will be available starting these days. App Store got the app on January 10th while Android Market will have the app a week later.

The Call of Duty Elite app will provide to diehard gamers four major sets of features: career summary, recent matches, challenge tracker, and customized classes. From now on, mobile gamers will be able to check stats and general player information not only for their own character but also for the rivals, to analyze after match reports for up to ten battles, to review scores, kill and death ratios and to track their overall progress, all on the displays of mobile tablets or handsets. Sync options allows any modifications made on the mobile device to be exported to console after the player’s login.

The developers have been testing the apps on their own phones and in the words of the company’s CEO Chacko Sonny, it was the perfect time to release the app on mobile devices. “We wanted to focus on those areas first because they made the most sense given the strengths of the devices themselves, but we felt this was also a good place to start getting feedback from the community.”

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