Carl Zeiss SLR lens to your iPhone 4

The guys over at Hypebeast stumbled onto these images of an iPhone 4 paired up with the lens from a dSLR camera…..

If the 5x digital zoom on the iPhone 4’s 5 MP digital camera doesn’t make your heart pound with joy, maybe you should dig out some of those lenses from the SLR film camera that you’re not using anymore and use ’em with your iPhone.

We’re not sure of the source of this Franken-cam, but it looks like the real deal. Think of this as an ├╝ber-Owle Bubo, with the ability to use higher quality lenses with your iPhone to take amazing photos.

Starting with a Manfrotto Model 797 Modopocket tripod, the rest of the rig appears to be some sort of clamp holding the lens and (on the camera side) a T-mount adapter. I’d be willing to venture that there’s some sort of lens in the T-mount so that our friend, the iPhone, doesn’t have to squint to see through that nice Carl Zeiss lens.
TUAW readers — can you identify the other components used here? Should you recognize any of the bits and pieces, let us know what they are via the comments so that the digicam geeks in the crowd can assemble this kit.


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  1. Jkimberly

    It’s obviously fake. Without an adapter you cannot just stick a DSLR lens in front of the iphone’s and expect to get anything but a big blur. Besides that, the picture on the phone is an outdoors photo and this is obviously inside.

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