Case-Mate Shows A New iPhone 5 Case

Case-Mate briefly posts iPhone 5 cases based on leaked case designs, which confirms a whole new design and Case-Mate has published a page on its website with six different case designs for the new iPhone 5 and these cases suggest iPhone 5 will have tapered edges and a slim profile as well. Concrete evidence for a redesigned iPhone 5 has been surprisingly scant with case designs being essentially the only sign of such a revamp and it is difficult to point to Case-Mate’s posting as further proof of an imminent redesigned iPhone 5……………

A new Case-Mate product page depicting an iPhone 5 Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case showing us the design of the next iPhone that’s expected to be unveiled and launched in the coming weeks and a landing page on Case-Mate’s site for general information on the iPhone 5 / iPhone 4S suggests that the company only has supposed information through inside sources. Following a similar form factor to the iPad 2, all leads have pointed to a curved, possibly metal backplate with an overall thinner, shorter and wider design with an increased screen diameter. It is quite staggering that those pumping out the cases seem certain of the iPhone 5′s traits despite the lack of any announcement. It is hard to believe what with all the fake and ambiguous leaks during the last couple of months and there’s still no word on when the Cupertino will make an announcement, but with many reputable sources indicating an October 15th release. The lengthy period of time Apple has spent configuring iOS 5 has only served to delay further a device which usually rears its head during the Q2-Q3 changeover. The consumers will be expecting big things from a device which should now launch some 3 months later than presumed, as well as an operating system approaching its eighth beta release. The iPhone 5 is expected to be joined on center stage by a little brother, cheaper, entry-level device poised to tempt the mass-market. The prototype of the second phone, which is known officially as the N94 and recently obtained FCC identification will hope to diminish the exclusivity of the iPhone to those who like to or at least have the capacity to spend big on a smartphone. It will most likely adopt the name iPhone 4S, due to the similarities it will share with Apple’s current flagship smartphone, although the fruit company could surprise us all at the last minute.


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