Checkout:Best Winterboard themes For iPhone/ iPod Touch

Obviously you love your iPhone as much as love someone and like to see it colorfull with some amazing themes.The person beside you must be amazed to see the dashing themes on your iPhone/iPod touch.It’s not a new version of the device, but just another iPhone/ iPod touch, with a smashing theme.

So, here goes a list of themes, that you should check out for your iPhone and iPod touch – these are winterboard themes.

These winterboard themes are free to download and most of them (or all) works on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS (3G), iPod touch 3G and any apple device that is jailbroken.

HTC Sense UI Winterboard Theme

Every person who has seen or has played with an HTC loves its interface, no doubt about it. The Sense UI is one of the marvelous achievements of HTC, period. So, if you would like to get a similar look of your iPhone’s interface, then this is the theme. The functionality of the Sense UI does not come with it, just the looks of course.

Glasklart Winterboard Theme

The best thing with the glasklart theme is that, it is customizable in itself. It is basically a transparent theme and you can easily use it with any wall paper to get a unique style out of it and is true to the name which means – “Like a Glass”. Definitely one of the best winterboard themes around. Do check it out on cydia.

Nexus One Winterboard Theme

This is one of the top rated themes everywhere.The AndroidLock app, also from Cydia, when used with this theme, gives you the Nexus One Lock effect, which is even more fantastic.

iPhone OS 4.0 Winterboard Theme

This, in particular is for iPhone users with 3.x versions. Those who love the 4.0 version, can feel the look and have the taste of iPhone OS 4.0 interface now with the use of this theme.

The complete feature availability is not possible with this theme as you might have guessed already, but you can set the new theme background, also have wallpapers for lock screen and home screen unlike the previous version. Also, the dock deserves special mention, especially since; it is one thing a lot of people have loved with this theme. This is a Kill For theme; no doubt about that.

Lucid Winterboard Theme

Clean and sleek will be an apt description. The one thing that I love about this theme is its simplicity.

There could not be a simpler, but at the same time, most sophisticated theme ever like this. Using this theme, your iPhone/ iPod touch really gets glories.

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