Chpwn Introduces Awesome Multitasking Gestures For iPhone and iPod Touch

Chpwn made headlines all around the tech world last week when he was successful in porting Siri to iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. He is back again with yet another awesome multi-tasking tweak for iPhone and iPod Touch. Named Zephyr, this new tweak allows for new multitasking gestures for these devices and allows for a quick, smooth switching between apps with just a single finger swipe.

Check The Video Demonstration

Zephyr is available in Cydia store and you can purchase it for $2.99. The new gestures that Chpwn has introduced for iPhone and iPod Touch include swiping up so that the multitasking switcher is immediately visible. Also, by just swiping your finger, you are easily able to switch between different apps.

These new gestures greatly enhance the multi-tasking experience on iPhone and allow for quicker, smoother switching between apps as well as a better management of the different tasks running in parallel.

Video courtesy Xuzz149.

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