Classic Christmas Entertainment Available Up On iTunes

Apple has traditionally followed Christmas with fervor, decking out discounts and free apps and songs to the users at the occasion. While this week continues as part of the 12 days Christmas holiday celebration by Apple, we have spotted some very classy Christmas movies on the iTunes store. And for a Christmas eve, the fun of watching a Christmas-y movie on an iPad or Mac, bought from iTunes, is definitely something worth-trying.

Among the huge collection of Christmas classics, some are truly note-worthy.

A Charlie Brown Christmas:
This was originally produced and aired as a musical for TV back in 1968 and stood out as some of the best classic productions about Christmas. It was later re-created in 2008 but of course, a classic is a classic. You can download the standard version from iTunes for a mere $9.99. You also get to have an app about the film priced very low with an 85% discount of the 99-cent price-tag. The price is very low for an app which lets you interactively draw things, play piano and participate in a number of in-app contests.

A Christmas Story:
This family comedy has always been a roaring success on Christmas shows. Produced back in 1983, the movie is available for digital download on iTunes for $9.99. This is truly one of the must-haves of Christmas, bringing the perfect combination of drama and light humor, the kind that is well suited to a Christmas eve. An iOS app for this movie is also available, priced at $1.99 at the App Store.

Miracle on 34th street:
The story of an old man who thinks he is Santa Claus and claims so to everyone. Eventually, he’s brought to a court where he has to prove his sanity which he does, while at the same time winning many hearts. The movie was originally produced in 1947 but is some real fun even today. You can download it on iTunes for $9.99. There is also an audio version of the novel available, on which the movie was based. The price of the audio book is $1.95.

While Christmas eve comes with lots of fun and entertainment, Apple, with it’s cool products and quality entertainment content has become an essential part of Christmas celebrations around the globe. While you definitely should have your fair share of fun with friends, don’t miss out these cookies that await you in iTunes and App Store.

Image courtesy marcopako.

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