Cobra iRadar For iPhone

Cobra brings radar detection to the iPhone and reckless endangerment with Cobra iRadar.Cobra iRadar is the most advanced and smart detection system in the world and you can control settings and receive alerts all through your iPhone.Cobra iRadar brings complete protection against all redar and laser guns with red light cameras……

Cobra iRadar combines industry leading radar, laser and speed & red light camera detection technology with the power of the iPhone to provide the most advanced, smart detection system available today. Using the iPhone’s Bluetooth wireless technology connection, Cobra iRadar enables you to view radar alerts, control settings, log alert history and be warned of upcoming speed and red-light cameras. iRadar is the most innovative, technologically advanced, and user-friendly detector device ever created.

The Cobra iRadar Detection Unit (iRAD 100) is a sleek, compact and powerful detection system. It detects all radar and laser guns on the market and its 360° protection has you covered on all sides.The iRadar Detection Unit is a fully functional detector with or without the Cobra iRadar app.  Without the app the detection unit will provide audio alerts to all radar and laser signals.  When combined with the app, you can change settings, view visual alerts, and gain access to Cobra’s AURA database to receive red light camera alerts.The iRAD 100 also features a City/Highway mode that reduces false alerts in urban areas. In City Mode, the unit will automatically filter out annoying false alerts caused by automatic door openers. In Highway Mode, the iRAD 100 gives you the benefit of immediate alerts.

The Cobra iRadar app, free on the App store, is the control center for iRadar. Using the iPhone’s Bluetooth wireless technology connection, you control all the preferences of the iRadar including User, Alert, and GPS settings.The Cobra iRadar app also gives you access to speed and red light camera location alerts. Utilizing GPS technology and data connection, the iRadar app provides up to the minute speed and red light camera alerts, known speed traps and dangerous intersection alerts. These locations are 100% verified and updated daily through Cobra’s exclusive AURA Camera & Driving Hazard Database.

The iPhone’s large display makes it easy to see this speed and red light camera alerts along with all radar and laser alerts. The display shows not only what type of alert, but also the strength of the alert in proximity to you.When driving, the Cobra iRadar app can be operated in Dashboard mode or Map View. Dashboard mode is a slick looking screen that shows your speed and direction, while Map View pinpoints all local AURA locations on a Google Map. The app also lets you track you radar alert history and shows previous alert locations on the Map View. This allows you to identify high enforcement areas and common false alert areas.

Cobra’s exclusive AURA Camera and Driving Hazard Database is the industry’s only 100% verified speed and red light camera database. AURA uses GPS technology to pin-point each location of these photo enforcement areas and then alerts the driver based on their speed. The faster you’re going, the more advance the warning.ach of the tens of thousands of locations are verified by Cobra’s team of database administrator and updated every 12 hours to make sure you have the most up-to-date and accurate alerts.AURA also features known speed trap locations and dangerous intersections for additional protection and safety.

The Cobra iRadar installs quick and easy.Simply mount the suction cup bracket on the windshield, slide on the iRAD100 unit and plug in the unit’s power adapter. Just a heads up, the higher it’s mounted, the better range you’ll get. You can also hard mount the iRadar detection unit to your dash with the provided hook-n-loop.

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