Enable Panoramic Camera On iPhone – Legally!

Apple iPhone has an Easter egg! You can take 180-degree panorama views and stitch them together. While earlier it was possible only though jail-breaking, you can ‘legally’ do it now. Read more below.

The Panorama camera view is truly a treat in iPhone! You can take 180-degree captures and then stitch them together into a beautiful photo! But the question is, why is this feature locked? It seems like the feature is still not fully developed. More like a future possibility than the end-product. And since Apple likes its things perfect, it didn’t make it available yet!

Not to worry, though. You can still access it and enjoy extra-ordinary camera captures. There are actually two ways of doing it. One is through jail-breaking. You don’t want to do this of course if you like to care about the legalities.

The other way is a simple, easy hack. All you have to do is follow the steps listed below:
· Download the free trial version of iBackupBot. Install it on your personal computer.
· Now, backup your iOS device data on iTunes. Don’t use iCloud for this. Rather, do it manually.
· Now that you backup is all ready, open iBackupBot. Load the backup file.

Go to the following path: Library/Preferences/com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist. Open the file.

The unregistered version of the software will ask you to register. Cancel it and the file will open.
· Add these lines in the code:
< key>EnableFirebreak< /key>< string>YES< /string> *
*remove all spaces

· Save these settings.

Now all you have to do is restore from the backup file through iBackupBot. And voila!! You are done. You will not have an option of ‘Panorama’ along with ‘HDR’ and ‘Grid’ options in your iPhone camera options. Enjoy!

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