First Complete Video Shot With iPhone 4S Edited On Final Cut Pro

One of the most hyped features of the new iPhone 4S is the camera with bgger lens, more pixels (8 MP), stabilization controls, etc and this should be a beast when it comes to visual capture, at least for mobiles. A band called The Turnback nabbed a few iPhone 4Ses as quickly as they could nd scheduled a music video shoot right around launch, opting to be the first to fire off a music video using just the iPhone 4S. The video was even shot in the new 1080p mode nd was cut together on Final Cut Pro, which shows that aside from all of the splashy news around Siri, the camera adds yet another nice feature to the latest and greatest iPhone……………..


Apple unveiled the new iPhone 4S, one of the new features they took the time to flaunt was the newly improved camera and sporting 8 megapixels-worth of, the new shooter is also capable of kicking out 1080p video, an improvement over the already mightily impressive 720p, 5 megapixel camera in the iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S has only been on sale for a week and we’ve already been treated to the first ever music video to be recorded on Apple’s latest smartphone. The Turnback decided to film the video for their new single, Cellophane Sky, using two shiny new iPhone 4S handsets, instead of the usual high-spec cameras. Filmed in full 1080p at the New York nightclub, Webster Hall, the video is believed to be the first made using the iPhone 4S. The video shows just how far we’ve come with the quality of camera in modern smartphones and he cameras built into the phones we carry around with us were poor quality when taken still shots.


On October 14th, 2011 we received 2 brand new iPhone 4S smart phones. On Sunday October 16th we shot the video at the famous NYC nightclub Webster Hall. Over the next several days, with little sleep and lots of coffee, the final video was finished.

This video was shot entirely using those 2 iPhone 4S’s and was edited on Final Cut Pro.



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