Free iOS App Spotliter Lets You Apply Fun Effects While Recording Video

At present, there are many smartphones in the market through which you can add or set special effects after taking photos. Unfortunately, this vantage is only limited to taking photos. But now, Netomat has brought a new free iOS app called Spotliter, which lets you apply “touch effects and filters” to your videos.

Spotliter for iOS

Spotliter is made for iPhone and iPod Touch. The app provides a choice of distinctive filters for video recording. It is, quite simply, like Instagram for video, though without the integrated sharing options. Users can magnify a portion of a scene, freeze a part of the video, switch between front and back cameras, overlay an image on top of a video, turn an object from black and white to color, and add other effects, all by pinching, tapping, swiping, or sliding your fingers on the screen during recording. When you’re done, the app saves your recording to its own folder within your library. Here’s a video for you.

Many of Spotliter’s other filters offer similar real-time tweaking. Nightclub, for example, is a trippy posterization-style filter that detects motion, but you can also tap anywhere to highlight that portion of the image or swipe to “flash” across it. Then there’s Magnify, which zooms a size-adjustable circular area while leaving the rest of the shot at 1x. You pinch to increase or decrease the size of that circle, or tap if you want it elsewhere than the center of the preview. You can also blur the edge of the circle which appears in sharp contrast to the unzoomed area, if you want. Here’s another video about the apps’ function.

What’s especially nice about shooting with Spotliter is that you can pause and then resume recording. That’s great if you want to make minor adjustments to an effect or even switch to a different one within the same clip.

Kris Ramanathann, Netomat CEO and cofounder has said, “Our goal for Spotliter was to make a video camera app that offered powerful, sophisticated effects yet was very simple and intuitive to use. We wanted the user’s first reaction to be, ‘yeah, this is how a touchscreen video camera should work.’ It was also extremely important to us that the touch effects themselves were not only fun but truly useful in helping people tell their stories in their own particular ways.”

According to Netomat, Spotliter is the “first video app of its kind.” To download Spotliter for iOS, click here. Note that, the app is free.

Source: Spotliter

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