Get Some Brain Exercise With “NxtApp”

Weather you are a fan of math puzzle or not, you gonna love NxtApp. It will surely give you some good exercise for your brain. And you will also going to have good time with “NxtApp


Yea, this is what I got in first run. I am personally not much into puzzle game, not since college, but as I first run NxtApp I really can’t stop myself before playing 2-3 round. Its nice, its smart. The control, graphics, sound everything is perfect. There is even category to select what type of puzzle you could like to solve. The game also support latest Game Center, so you could compare your points with all the best player. I am really loving this game, it will surely worth the only $0.99 USD price. Buy From iTune – Click Here. Also as Tax time coming April is said to be Math Awareness Month, so keep yourself sharp and pass time with addictive Brain Exercise Puzzle Game NxtApp

Lets check some details of NxtApp

NxtApp is developed by ICON, LLC. NxtApp has sold in 13 countries worldwide within 3 weeks from its release: USA, UK, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Kuwait, UAE, Lebanon and Malaysia. Its rated 4+ and been featured and reviewed well in other world-renowned sites.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

What’s New in Version 1.1
NxtApp is an exciting new game of logic and math to exercise your brain. It is for all ages. With this update, you can now enjoy NxtApp with the Home button on the right or left of your iDevice. Also, you can now enter the negative sign on the keypad after or before entering your Nxt number.

It is guaranteed that you will get addicted to NxtApp all over again!

Your 5-star iTunes ratings and reviews keep the cool updates coming!

Feature List:

• Six complete categories of different types of number sequences.
• Different set of questions every time. So it never gets boring!
• Game gets more challenging as you solve more questions: negative numbers, more digits, etc.
• You can tackle any category at any time. No annoying restrictions!
• Competitive scoring for each category. Try to beat your own best score!
• Game Center-enabled so you can view other gamers scores. There is a leaderboard for each category.
• You will get a “dancing” gold star for providing correct solutions to sequences.
• Interactive gold star system measures your intermediate progress.
• Interactive feedback: correct answer is provided so you can solve it right next time.
• Colorful game with fun sound effects.
• Energetic background music.
• You can listen to your favorite iPod music while playing NxtApp.
• Surprise reward when you complete any category.
• And much more!

Buy From iTune – Click Here

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