Get Yourself An iPhone Sausage Stylus

Quirky iPhone users can now get their very own iPhone Sausage Stylus for just one dollar, so that you no longer have to remove your gloves in cold whether when you want to use your iPhone. Not only will you be able to keep your gloves on, this product is compatible with any iPhone on the market.

This product was inspired by South Koreans tackling the problem of numb fingers–brought on by using touchscreen phones in the winter time–with snack meat.
The weight and texture of these convenience store sausages makes them a handy and effective ‘Sausage Stylus.’
According to Clusterfock (via what is believed to be a legitimate Korean-language news site), ‘sales of a snack sausage increase by almost 40%* in the winter as iPhone users utilize the sausage as a stylus in order to avoid removing their gloves.’ (read an auto-translated version of the article.)

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