GetGlue For iPhone Gets Updated With Personalized Guides And Feeds

GetGlue, the popular social service for TV buffs, has been updated with a number of whole new features. The update has been rolled out to smaller iOS devices, including iPhone, and comes with a more personalized look.


The new version that has been released is termed version 4.0. Among the new features is the ability to get feeds from your friends and get to know what TV shows they are hooked up to. Moreover, you can also ping any of the friends from within the app to chat with them.

Moreover, the updated app comes with better and more detailed info about the shows as well as regular reminders to users who wish to stay up to date with the upcoming events, awards and shows.

The app has also upped the ante for the advertisers, allowing them to display their ads by tying them to specific brands or shows, thus allowing them the ability to be geared at specific audience. The highlight of the updates is the personalized guide which gives you suggestions as to what movies, shows and other content you should watch. Once you let the app know about your favorite shows, the app keeps you informed about any upcoming episodes or events related to that show.

Over recent months, advertisers have found GetGlue particularly useful and we are certain that with this new update, the app will be an even more lucrative marketing space. What remains to be seen is how well the users find the new changes. To lay your hands on the updated version of the app, head straight to the iTunes Store.

Source: GetGlue/iTunes

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