Gizmon iCA Case: Turn Your iPhone Into A Vintage Camera

The trend of using iPhone’s built-in camera as a professional shooting device is growing by every passing day. With the result iPhone’s camera offers, it doesn’t come as a surprise. And building on this trend, Gizmon has created an iPhone Case that gives your iPhone the exact look of a vintage camera.

The Gizmo iCA case is made up of 32 separate polycarbonate parts.  The case comes with a number of items which include a shutter button which, when you click it, presses iPhone’s volume button, an optical view-finder, a mock-lens, a tripod to mount the camera on and a micro hot show which, again, is not real and is simply a part of the design.

The case is very vintage-looking and truly gives the look and feel of a camera from a decade ago or so. Yet, the design is very elegant and handy and you can use  your iPhone as a camera with all the ease and convenience you would want. If you are not content with the default functions and accessories, there’s more you can have: you can purchase both a fish-eye or a macro lens to use with your iPhone, for $45 each. Moreover, if you really want to look like a professional shooter, you may also want to purchase a very elegant neck-strap which will come to your camera in $30 more.

However, some have cited the camera’s price, which is $65, as bit too much. With just a case and some minor default functionality, it does seem a little too much. But then again, perhaps Gizmon is selling the idea of a vintage case and not the case itself, in that price.

Image courtesy amlamster.

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