How to Enable HD Video Recording on iPhone 3GS

Now you can enable 720p HD video recording natively on iPhone 3GS.Mike have successfully tweaked the system files to bypass the artificial limitation [640×480 @ 3Mbps] of recording videos and managed to force record videos at 1080×800 @ 30fps for up to 20Mbps.

Here’s the instructions how you can enable it.

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.1 using greenpois0n or Limera1n

Step 2: Download

Step 3: Install OpenSSH on your iPhone 3GS from cydia.

Step 4: You will now download software to access your iPhone 3GS via SSH.

Mac users can use Cyberduck.

* Server: The IP address of your iPhone Settings -> WiFi >
* Username: root
* Password: alpine
* Protocol: SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol)

Windows users can use WinSCP.

* Server: The IP address of your iPhone Settings -> WiFi ->
* Username: root
* Password: alpine
* Protocol: SCP

Step 5: Once you have got access to the iPhone file system, navigate to /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Celestial.framework/N88/AVCapture.plist .

Step 6: Under the AVCaptureMode_AudioVideoRecording key, set the width and height for the capture key to 1080×800, respectively. This value controls the dimension of the video it is encoded at.

Step 7: Set the width and height for the preview key to 440×320. This value controls the size of the on-screen preview. It does not have any effect on the final video.

Step 8: Set the width and height for the sensor key to 1920×1080. This value controls the active region of the sensor, so basically, we want to use the entire sensor. This source will be automatically downscaled to the proper resolution at encoding time.

Step 9: Increase the encoding average bitrate to 20Mbps (20000000bps), this records a much larger video file (~ 2MB for every second of video)

Step 10: Increase the encoding bitrate cap to 40Mbps. Also, lower the minimum quantizer from 19 to 15 or something, just for the heck of it.

Step 11: Set the H264 profile from 3_0 to 3_1. Save and close this file.

Step 12: To make the phone playback the recorded HD video. Simply edit CameraRollValidator.plist and MediaValidator.plist, they can be found in the same place as AVCapture.plist.

Step 13: Replace 768 with 1280

Step 14: Again replace




Step 15: Save these two files.

Step 16: Open /System/Library/CoreServices/ with a Plist editor, and add the following under the capability node, this will enable HD recording from the camera app:


Step 17: If you are having a hard time figuring out where to make the changes, download the pre-edited file Then simply copy the plist files to the correct location via SCP.

Step 18: Restart your iPhone 3GS.

That’s all.

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