How to Remove or Block iAd advertisements from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps

Apple had announced iAd advertising platform at WWDC 2010 event. The new mobile advertising program is designed to help developers earn some revenue from their apps.

iAd gives brands what they’ve been waiting for: Access to the global audience of iPhone and iPod touch users. Enhanced Targeting. Premium creative. Robust measurement.

Companies love advertising methods to promote their businesses, but end users sometimes find it annoying. Since Apple has included iAd in the iOS, users have been searching for a solution to block these ads.

iAd Advertisements appearing in iPhone apps are indeed very annoying. Disabling or removing the iAd in iPhone or iPod Touch apps is very easy. Yllier the developer of Firewall IP has created a tweak that removes the Apple iAd advertisement from the Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Just follow the instructions below to disable iAds from applications.

Steps to Remove or Block iAd advertisements from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Apps:


* iAd Killer.deb

Deb installation:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone on your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Place the .deb file in /tmp folder.

Step 3: Now open Mobile Terminal (you download it from Cydia) and insert these commands:

* su root and press enter
* Write your password [default pass is: alpine] and press enter
* dpkg -i /tmp/iAdsKiller.deb
* Exit from Mobile Terminal restart your springboard and reboot it.

That’s it!


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  1. Daniela

    I have access to the router and to the wifi point and I’d rather block the IP range of iAds for good. It’s a simple and noninvasive solution and will work on everyone’s devices, not just mine. Someone has the IP range? THank you in advance. Daniela

  2. Power_excell

    This does not work. I installed on my iPhone 3G running iOS 4.1 and I still have those annoying ads.

  3. Guest


  4. Peter



  5. Chris4201976

    This does not work. Do not waste your time. 

  6. David

    Tried that still doesn’t work. still get ads

  7. Wilhelm Einstein

    No success for me so far.

    I downloaded the file. Renamed it to /iAdsKiller.deb, since that is what you use in the description. Then made a SSH connection to the iPhone using Fetch and put that file in the /tmp folder.

    Then did the advised steps in the Mobile Terminal, but whenever I try the last step:
     – dpkg -i /tmp/iAdsKiller.deb
    Mobile Terminal tells me:
    – dpkg: status database area is locked by another process

    So I restarted the device and gave that a second try. This time I had success and iAdKiller 0.1 gets installed properly.

    But I’m not sure if this already works as it should. On some apps I still see the Apple Test Advertisement – so I’d say this still needs some modification. Since Firewall IP is an awesome tool the developer behind this sure knows what he’s doing and I hope to see a new (better working) version of this soon. I was not able to block iAds using url so far.

    Or am I doing something wrong? This would be great if it would work.

  8. Xxxrichievxxx

    Like our screen aren’t small enough they try to crows our screen with stupid ads.

  9. Pool's Closed

    Delete adsheet app under applications.

  10. woodromw

    Worked for me…thanks  iPhone 3GS IOS 5.0.1

  11. Dbrodow

    is it iAdKiller not iAdsKiller?

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