iCracked Wants To Buy Your Broken, Smashed And Damaged iPhones

Countless iPhone handsets are broken, smashed and damaged every single day. iCracked is a startup that aims to end damaged iPhones from this world by repairing them as soon as possible. Just ahead of iPhone 5S launch, iCracked has now launched a buyback service, so that you can sell your older Apple devices to it.


iCracked started off from humble beginnings. It originally was a repair service, started at a college to help fellow students with their broken or damaged iPhone handsets. Over the year, it has been able to establish a network of hundreds of repair technicians who are called iTechs.

The best thing about iTechs is that they are spread all over the U.S. as well 10 other countries, so that when you need iPhone repair service, you can look them up online and call them right-away. And since iTechs make house calls, you can have them repair the iPhone unit right at your very doorstep.

Now, iCracked intends to ante up the game by launching a buyback service for older Apple devices. For owners of older iPhone handsets who aim to buy the upcoming iPhone 5S, this is the perfect opportunity to get good value for their present smartphone. At the same time, iCracked aims to offer protection plans at $6 a month, a sort of insurance for iPhone handsets.

While this is somewhat of a new concept, smartphone insurance may turn out to be the next big thing. The best thing about iCracked is that no matter how damaged your iPhone is, it fixes it so well that it looks like new. We are waiting for the company to start offering a similar service for Android handsets.

Courtesy: CNET

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