iKit Releases Autocon FM transmitter

iKit has rolled out its new AutoCon FM transmitter.FM transmitters aren’t exactly the sexiest peripherals around to have where music lovers are concerned, but that doesn’t mean that hardware manufacturers shouldn’t do their part in churning out aesthetically pleasing designs.

The concept is simple enough–basically, just patch your MP3 player, iPod or even iPhone into the Autocon, and then tune your radio to the Autocon’s FM frequency. You’ll then be able to fire your MP3s at ultra short range into your radio, which will treat the Autocon like any other radio station and play the content on there, essentially giving you your very own radio station on your car’s front seat. Even better, you’ll also get a touchscreen for controlling the MP3 player of choice, and even a complete hands free kit so that you can continue to make calls with your iPhone, assuming you’ve got an iPhone plugged into the thing in the first place.

iKit, for its part, asserts that the Autocon will give you high-quality sound with no interference, which isn’t all that surprising considering that the range is best measured in feet, and the number can be counted on one hand with maybe a couple fingers for extra wiggle room depending on the particular model of car you’re driving.

Though what’s not immediately clear is what happens if the Autocon’s frequency happens to be already assigned to a much bigger radio station than the Autocon could ever dream of being. Sure seems like the Autocon would get swamped out, so in an area with a lot of radio stations, this might not work out so well.

The FM Transmitter + Car Charger from AutoCon retails for $45 and is as stylish an iPod, iPhone and iPad compatible device as they come.

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