Images Of Early iOS Device Prototype Surface On The Web

Apple was able to sweep the smartphone world off its feet with the iPhone. However, the company pooled a lot of resources and time into building it. Now, images of an early iOS device prototype have reached the web, courtesy an anonymous ex-Apple employee.

iOS prototype

We have already seen some early prototypes of iPhone during the case between Apple and Samsung. Apple was asked by the court to produce these prototypes so as to support its patent claims. However, most of the prototypes that Apple showed during the course of the case were fairly small-sized.

The prototype that is shown in these fresh images is a lot larger. In fact, from the looks of it, it seems closer to iPad than iPhone. The prototype seems in a fairly raw state, featuring a USB port, Ethernet and a serial port together with a display that is about 8-inches.

The Apple employee who has leaked these images cites that they are of an early iPhone from back in 2005. The employee provided these images to Ars Technica, while at the same time requesting to stay anonymous, in case Apple is displeased over the leak.

One thing that this image substantiates is a Steve Jobs statement some time back. Jobs told All Things D that when trying to develop an iOS device, Apple had first been able to develop something like an iPad. But then the company put the iPad on the shelf and continued towards building an iPhone.

Source: ArsTechnica

Courtesy: 9to5mac

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