Impala For iPhone Automatically Sorts Your Photos With New Vision Technology

The photos section in the handset of most smartphone users is somewhat of a mess. There are too many photos and too little time to organize them into neat folders. But a new app, Impala, is able to sort out all your iPhone photos within minutes, categorizing them into neat labels such as ‘Outdoors’ and ‘Food.’

Impala for iPhone

The app makes use of the computer vision technology and actually ‘looks’ at your photos before sorting them into separate bundles. In the past, we have already seen such apps but most of them relied on server-side functionality. The best thing about Impala is that it has a minimum computing footprint and doesn’t have any server side component.

All you need to do is download and install the app and then let it work its magic. Even if you have thousands of photos, it can sort them all out within minutes. Using its computer vision technology, the app is able to identify between ‘man’, ‘woman’ and ‘children’ and can even tell if a given photo relates to an ‘Outdoors’ scene, say ‘Beach’ or some other place.

Then there are such photos which Impala is unable to understand. For instance, if you go to any of the albums created by the app, you will see a section of such photos which the app considers to be tricky and isn’t sure of them. But there’s no way of manually moving around these photos to different folders.

The app has been created by Eurovision Technologies, a company that has been creating and using photo-reading technology for quite some time. Eurovision Technologies has helped law-enforcement, social networks and a number of online portals with its technology, using a licensing model to make money out of it.

Impala for iPhone, however, is absolutely free. The company hopes that by offering the app on the App Store and reaching out to a popular audience, it may be able to entice more customers to license the standard version of its photo-reading tech, one which is much heavier and can’t be run on a mobile device.

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Courtesy: TechCrunch

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