Installous Alternatives Start Offering Pirated Apps Without The Need To Jailbreak

We recently reported that Installous, the service that had long enabled jailbroken iOS devices to run paid as well as free apps, has been shut down. A number of replacements have sprung into action and quite surprisingly, some allow iPhone and iPad users to download pirated iOS apps without even jailbreaking their devices!

Pirated apps

Such apps are certainly offering a more advanced hack than Installous did. By installing paid, pirated apps on an iOS device that is not even jailbroken, the apps essentially bypass Apple DRM.

One of the eminent apps that has grabbed a significant share of such iOS users who prefer pirated apps, is Zeusmos. Zeusmos has been around for a while and now that Installous is gone, it has been attracting a large number of users.

The app allows iOS users to download and install pirated apps without the slightest hassle. However, although the service is offered for free to jailbroken iOS devices, you must cough up a token fee if you want to use it on a device that hasn’t been jailbroken.

This fee, Zuesmos developer claims, is spent on the ‘cloud plan’ which essentially contains a copy of the pirated, cracked app and then dishes out something of a license to the user so he can use it on his non-jailbroken device.

The thing about these new services is that they have increased the scope of pirated apps well beyond jailbreak community. In fact, the likes of Zuesmos essentially cater to the entire iOS audience. And while that may sound cool to most, it is certainly bad news for the developers who don’t want their hard work to be cracked and pirated and used up for free.

Courtesy: TNW

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