iOS 4.3 Untethered Jailbreak Caught On Demo Video

Now another iPhone Hacker, Stefan Esser also known as i0nic has managed to jailbreak the latest iOS 4.3. He called this iOS 4.3 untethered jailbreak as an Alpha version because not all required kernel patches are in it, yet. Checkout the video after the break.

From his tweet:

iOS 4.3 *untethered* Alpha Jailbreak Video (sorry camera suxx)

For your kind information, Stefan Esser is the same person who discovered the method known as antid0te aimed to make jailbroken devices more secure by using Apple’s ASLR technology. Anyways here is the video showing untethered iOS 4.3 jailbreak.

Apple has already released the iOS 4.3 final yesterday. Both the dev-team and Chronic dev-team are already on it to jailbreak it. iPad 2 is hitting today. So hopefully we will see more iOS 4.3 jailbreak tools popping up after today.

Checkout the video.

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