iOS 5 Concept Video Of Notification Center

Jan-Michael Cart, a graphic artist has posted a new iOS 5 concept and this concept is very exciting, although most of the people want this concept to be real in iOS 5, which is about Notifications and Notifications Center………………


Before it was officially iOS 5 to the world, there were many expectations were for this update of Apple‘s mobile operating system and in the time of waiting and speculation prior to the revelation of the new iOS, Jan Michael Cart was released on the web to publish stunning visual concepts of what should be iOS in their next releases. From those videos it was able to see something similar to the notification center introduced by Apple at WWDC . The same notification center is now subject to the new video of Jan Michael, which strikes again with four concepts of improvements that could use anything wrong with the new iOS 5 and hopefully someday of Cupertino apply. In concept, in fact, notifications are collected in a badge that sits on the status bar, so that we can see at any time the requests we have pending. This feature can be activated by using the Settings button. The second feature introduced regards the widget . Assuming the opening of Apple‘s production of third-party widgets, all of these applications will be collected and managed by the Notifications Center . After all, the graphics and functions of individual proposals from cart widgets are really attractive, there is Skype , Twitter , Facebook and many others. Notifications coming from various applications, also can be managed so as not to occupy all available space on the screen. The improvements in question would be:

  • Persistent Badges: number of pending notifications would be displayed always in the top status bar, which would always know how many alerts we have yet to see even within an application
  • Widgets: Jan Michael continues to insist on the widgets, and do not really blame him, being a user of Android and IOS is definitely features that I like the Android operating system. In this case are fairly well shown in the video widgets, including one from Skype, Twitter, Facebook
  • Collapse notification group: playing in the title of the application, all notices relating to a group will shrink to occupy less space
  • Notifications of incoming calls: incoming call alerts when we are less intensive in an application.



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  1. Greg Wiley

    What do you say? Do you want to make this available via iOS 5 jailbreak?

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