Apple Will Seed iOS 7 Gold Master To Developers On September 10

Recent reports suggest that Apple is bringing together an iPhone launch event on September 10, where it will unveil two new iPhone models. Now, BGR has claimed that Apple will also be seeding the final version of iOS 7 to the developers on the said date.

iOS 7

If indeed the launch date of the upcoming iPhone models has been pegged correctly at September 10, it makes sense that Apple would want to seed the final iOS 7 version to its developers. The final version of iOS 7, called Gold Master, will be the same that will eventually be shipped to the customers.

Normally, Apple makes a new iPhone model available for purchase a few days after its launch. So if Apple’s launch event is scheduled for September 10, the new iPhone models will be made available a few days later. This would give the developers ample time to test out the final version of iOS 7 and report back if it has any qualms.

Apple’s own employees and carrier partners, on the other hand, will be able to get their hands on the final version of iOS 7 by September 5. This is essentially meant to give the carriers as well as the company a longer time to test out the features and offerings in the final version so that at the time of the availability of the new iPhone models, the new iOS version is working perfectly.

Courtesy: Mactrast

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