iOS 7 Flaw Lets Siri Disable ‘Find My iPhone’

In an attempt to make Siri more intelligent and efficient, Apple has added many new features to it in iOS 7. Among the most notable of these features is the ability of Siri to tweak key settings. Now, it has been discovered that a person can use Siri to disable ‘Find my iPhone’ even if a passcode has been set.


The aforementioned security flaw is part of iOS 7, courtesy Siri’s ability to activate Airplane Mode even when the lockscreen is intact. Imagine a person with malicious intents somehow laying his hands on your smartphone. Once he has your handset, he can invoke Siri to activate the Airplane Mode.

Once the Airplane Mode is active, this deactivates the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature instantly. As a result, you are no longer able to discern the location of your lost handset.

Another easy way of disabling this location-tracking feature is to simply turn off the handset. Again, this can easily be accomplished by, say, a thief who nicked your smartphone. The silver lining is that Apple has also packed a number of new security features in iOS 7.

The most notable among them is the ‘Activation Lock’ feature. This feature locks down a stolen or lost iPhone so that the person who finds it can’t activate it and can’t access its content without first providing valid Apple ID and password. So, although you may not be able to track down the location of a lost iPhone running iOS 7, you can still rest assured that the contents of the handset will be secure.

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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