iOS App Store Hits 25 Billion Downloads

Apple’s App Store has been one of the most wildly popular online platforms. As such, it has been one of the main revenue streams for Apple. We reported earlier that Apple had announced a gift of $10,000 gift card for the person who was lucky enough to be the 25 billionth downloader. Now Apple has hit the big number and someone has been lucky enough to bag the prize.

Apple has not yet released the name but the message from Apple on the countdown page says that it will soon be officially announced. Apple has been celebrating the key achievement through its App Store. For instance, it announced a similar gift card when it was about to reach the 10 billion mark.

The popularity and success of App Store has been meteoric and phenomenal. Apple started the App Store only as recently as 2008. During the first year, 1.5 billion downloads were made from the store. And since then, things have been exponentially booming. It’s the fourth year and Apple has already hit the 25 billion mark.

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