iOS Ranks Third in World’s Most Used OS

Apple has reported that they have sold nearly 200 million iDevices in just four years. The news was announced during the conference where Apple revealed their financial results for Q4 2010. These figures are extremely high for the company and Apple is likely to sell a good enough number of iDevices in the next three months so as to exceed 200 million pieces. Taking into account these sales figures, one might think that iOS is one of the most used operating systems in the world. A recent study says that Apple’s iOS ranks three in world’s most popular operating systems top. Windows hold the first place and Mac OS X ranks second.

It might be difficult to believe, but yes, iOS has a great rank in world’s most popular operating systems top just after Windows and Mac OS X. We are talking about all the available operating systems in the world; because of the great number of iDevices sold Apple has now two operating systems in this top. iOS has a market share of 2.24% worldwide and it has increased by 0.4% in just 30 days. This is a great achievement for Apple since Android OS has a market share of only 0.6%.

The 2.24% held by iOS are made up as follows: phone has 1.23%; the iPad tablet has 0, 82% and iPod Touch 0, 19%. iOS has reported a growth that is superior to that of Mac OS X and this is a natural thing to happen since the number of  iOS terminals sold is superior to that of Mac OS X terminals. If the same growth rate is maintained, iOS is going to outrun Mac OS X’s market share and will rank second behind Windows. Windows is currently holding 89% of the market share.

It is amazing to see that an operating system used for mobile terminals ranks three just behind systems designed for desktops. But this is only the beginning since iDevices sales are increasing.


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