iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

Diamond covered iPhone 4 released by UK designer Stuart Hughes named iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition.iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is world’s most expensive ever…..

Exclusively made by Stuart, the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition flaunts a tag of £5 million ($8,020,000). Tony, who is renowned in the gold mining industry and also the sole owner of Perth’s A-league soccer team, will certainly not settle for anything inexpensive. And since we have been following a range of most expensive cell phones, it’s simple to understand that the boost in the price tag is directly related to the increase in the number of diamonds and other precious stones metals.

The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition sports a rose gold bezel caked with 500 diamonds (100 ct) on front and 53 diamonds on the apple logo on the rear. Here the main navigation button comprises of a 7.4ct pink diamond which is set in platinum. However there is an option of swapping the pink diamond with an 8ct single cut diamond.

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