iPhone 4 Out of Stock in US, New Orders Will Ship In July

Looks like the iPhone 4 is under heavy demand and Apple ran out of stock on the first day of opening their pre-orders. If you go to Apple to pre-order a iPhone 4, you will be shown a message that new orders for the iPhone 4 will ship starting July 2.

So if you go and pre-order an iPhone 4 now, it will ship 8 days after the original June 24 launch date. Of course, you can always hop on a Plane and fly to UK or Canada to pick up an unlocked iPhone 4, however, don’t book your tickets to Canada yet since the iPhone 4 will only be available there in September, however, UK users will be getting it on June 24.

The unprecedented demand for iPhone 4 may also put Apple’s 18 country July 4 launch in jeopardy, considering that they weren’t even ready with enough units for the US launch. Let’s hope everything goes fine there.

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