iPhone 4G Be Like iMac [Concept Design]

iPhone 4G Concept Design

I have just come across another iPhone 4G concept design by a designer called Hadi. This new iPhone 4G concept is plainly inspired by the latest iMac design which Apple released last year in October. These are the best iMac designs so far, according to me; it has a great amalgamation of simplicity and style. The combination of glass and aluminum can make anyone fall in love with it, so this newconcept design does.

It’s more like a compact and tiny version of iMac which runs third-party applications. This one has really made my hopes high (surely, yours too) especially after seeing this I just hope Apple will not disappoint us on 27th January, when it is expected to launch iPhone 4G.

Let’s see what Apple comes up with and until then just keep your fingers cross.

Source: Gizmodo

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