iPhone 4GS Test Device Photos Leaked

iPhone 4GS gets first leaked images ahead of release date and new iPhone 4GS with iOS 4.0 is in testing.iPhone 4GS s a smartphone name that makes plenty of sense and the images available here have been found all the way in China where Apple.pro………..


Taiwanese site Apple.pro republishes some photographs originally posted to Weibo, a Chinese microblogging service similar to Twitter and the images claim to be of an iPhone 4GS test model running iOS 4.0. The unit appears to be identical to the iPhone 4 with a reported 5 megapixel camera based on the diagnostic software. The iTunes artwork looks different but as some readers have pointed out no camera and looks to simply be the original iPod Touch artwork. There is little else that seems remarkable about the device and the next iPhone is expected to be released this september. There have been reports that the new device might be undergoing testing within the current iPhone 4 casing and sources laimed that the final design will be thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4. Based on serial number and iOS version, it seems this is most likely an earlier iPhone 4 prototype.


Images by Apple.pro :



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