iPhone 4S All Set For Release In China

Apple’s iPhone 4S is finally set to arrive in China, the largest smartphone market in the world. The wireless operator for the device will be Unicom, a Chinese company. Unicom had said in November that it was all set to release the phone as soon as the government permitted. And now, the government has provided the final certificate that will enable the launch to take place before the start of next year.

The release of iPhone 4S in China before the start of 2012 will mean that Apple may be able to go beyond the expected sales statistics. Chinese smartphone market has surpassed US recently as the largest smartphone market in terms of volume. And Apple is already doing excellent on it’s sales in the region.

Potential for Apple in China:
In the last quarter, Apple has seen a sale volume of $4.5 billion. This makes China the most lucrative market for Apple, second only to US, Apple’s home ground. And now with Apple’s iPhone 4S being hailed the best smartphone by Apple so far, together with the immense appeal Siri has gathered, there’s no reason not to believe that the device will do marvelously well in the Chinese market. Apple is already the leading smartphone vendor in China, despite the fact that there are a number of more economic, local alternatives available to the Chinese users. This depicts that Apple already enjoys a loyal fan-base in region which will definitely help a lot in making iPhone 4S a huge success. With all these favorable factors, let’s see how well iPhone 4S will do at it’s release.

Image courtesy Chippycheeky.
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