Apple Begin iPhone 4S Shipment Notices

Apple and Sprint have sent out shipping notifications for the iPhone 4S and it appears that Sprint’s might even arrive early and it iPhone 4S pre-ordered on October 7th are expected to be delivered in time for the launch day – October 14th. The shipping delays that plagued the iPad 2 when it was announced earlier this year are now hitting the iPhone 4S and AT&T sold more than 200,000 iPhone 4S during the first 12 hours of the presales online, making it the most successful launch to date……………….


The presales of the iPhone 4S have been excellent all around and AT&T supplies have dwindled to extending shipping time as much as four weeks,  Verizon is up to one-week later, while Sprint still has some preorders available fo the 32 and 64 GB models of the iPhone 4S iPhone 4S just went up for pre-sale on Friday the 7th and shipping notifications are already coming through. 9tomac’s reader Alex has forwarded along his shipping notification from Sprint for his white 32GB iPhone 4S and according to Sprint, the unit will be shipping overnight/next day. There have been several reports of readers getting ship notices for their early iPhone 4S pre-orders and these orders are starting to show up in UPS tracking databases with expected delivery dates ahead of the iPhone 4S launch date of October 14th. Those who want to compare their tracking status changes can do so in these carrier specific threads: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and International. If you are desperate to find your tracking number as soon as possible, that may provide you that information if your shipment has already moved to preparing for shipment. The iPhone 4S has already sold out of the initial pre-order stock and those in the AT&T camp are reporting that their orders are not longer listed as backordered.


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