iPhone 4S Launch In Beijing Cancelled Due To Fights In Waiting Crowd

Apple was definitely expecting an overwhelming crowd to wait the launch of iPhone 4S in Beijing. What it didn’t expect was that the  crowd would, in it’s frenzy, start shouting slogans and fighting amid itself, so much so that SWAT teams have to be called in. And while this happens, Apple officials in China have currently announced that iPhone 4S launch in Beijing is cancelled, for now. And that, in turn, has further pissed off the crowd.

According to reports, most of the people in the crowd are scalpers. Scalpers purchase the products at the earlier possible time, at standard price, and then go on to sell it at higher prices. And now, as thousands of scalpers line in front of Apple Store, fights have broken out. The fights took such an ugly turn that eventually, SWAT teams had to come to the site and restore order.

People in the crowd threw eggs at each other and shouted profanities at Apple, annoyed at the delayed launch. And interestingly, the line of thousands of eager fans refuses to shorten. Also, the reports say that more than 90% of the people in this crowd of thousands comprise of scalpers. These scalpers are organized in groups of 30 to 50 and are ready to start re-selling the device right after purchase, in front of the Apple Store. They are also hoping to sell it at huge margins, over the original price.

Considering the ugly turn that the situation has taken, officials at the Beijing Apple Store have announced that iPhons 4S launch is cancelled at the Store. At least for now, no one gets an iPhone 4S in Beijing. And that, in turn, has further pissed off the scalpers.

Image  courtesy chinnian.

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