iPhone 4S Sold For Free By China Unicom

Apple is still to release iPhone 4S in China and the date that Apple announced for the release is January 13, 2012. However, a number of companies have already started placing orders and offering deals. Unicom, the official carrier for Apple in China, has also come up with one of the best deals: it is offering iPhone 4S for free, with a three-year contract. You have to choose a contract with a minimum monthly subscription of $45 and you get iPhone 4S for free!

Unicom has also offered a number of other deals. Users can choose their contract length from 1 to 3 years and  can choose to spend as little as $10 per month on the contract. However, the smaller the contract length and lesser the fee, the greater will be the price for the device. The device is not free for everyone and only for those who sign up for the long-term contract.

Such users who are looking for a long-term plan, such as a three year contract, will get a 32-GB iPhone 4S model. However, those who who are seeking a two-year contract will have to pay a greater monthly fee and will get a 16-GB version of the device. But these are not the only contracts offered. Unicom is offering a number of contracts, based on length of contract and per month fee, and the price of device changes according to that.

Unicom may get it’s profits only if a large number of customers decide to stay loyal and tend to it as the carrier. Otherwise, it may push the Chinese carrier into losses.

Image courtesy Chippycheeky.

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