iPhone 5 Really Features Nano-SIM: Big Trouble For Unlocker

The rumor becomes true. Apple got approval for their designed Nano-SIM few months back. And after the iPhone 5 release event we now know certainly that iPhone 5 will use Nano-SIM. Its completely different sized and not convertible like SIM to Micro-SIM. It could be a very bad news for unlocker.

The new Nano-SIM far smaller then normal SIM or even Micro-SIM and its not convertible. So far I dont have any news about SIM to Nano-SIM conversion process. And it does not seems possible as Nano-SIM is way too small then usual SIM and the chip is completely different.

It could be a very bad news for all people who needs unlocked version and need to use iPhone to some other country or carrier where Nano-SIM is yet not available. Jailbreaker community could be disappointed too. Here point to remember around 30-45% iPhone Apple sold to date has been Jailbroken.

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