iPhone 5 To Launch In Russia By November

Russian newspaper RBC Daily has revealed that Apple’s iPhone 5 could launch in Russia in November and going on sale almost immediately after the smartphone goes on sale in the U.S. The report notes that previous iPhone models have been slow to officially make their way to Russia and Apple is setting up a large market for unauthorized device sales. This is important to American and European customers because it implies an earlier release date than November for them and Russian mobile phone operators are obviously eager to bring Apple’s latest iPhone models to the country as soon as possible in order to capitalize on their popularity with official distribution……………..


Apple iPhone 5 may start selling in Russia in November, almost immediately after sales begin in the U.S., RBC Daily reported. As it became known to RBC daily, the operators are in talks about how to speed up delivery times of smartphones in Russia. All previous models of handsets from Apple, except for the white iPhone 4, there were on the shelves of local stores with a substantial delay. Russian operators are negotiating with Apple to supply the iPhone 5, told RBC daily two sources for cellular retail market. According to them, this time mobile companies are trying to achieve the optimal term supply pipes from the American manufacturer. “In general, official aids on the shelves of Russian stores, usually appearing only six months after the official release, that is after premieres not only in the U.S. and Europe. Russian operators want to speed up delivery times “, – says one of the RBC daily. According to preliminary unofficial data, iPhone 5 in Russia may appear as early as November. “To reduce delivery times operators have long wanted. Indeed, because of delays in Russia, there are many gray pipes. And this essentially takes the income of MTS and VimpelCom”who are forced to wait for official release in Russia “, – says head of research Dennis Agency Telecomdaily pieces. In his view, to include Russia in the list of countries receiving iPhone immediately after the premiere of a new vehicle in the U.S., is quite real. “For Apple this is quite large, important market,” – says Mr. pieces.


Delivery of its smartphones to Russia Apple for several years now carries a mobile operators big three. True, the contract with the MegaFon in the past year was not renewed because of the differences between the two companies. Until now, the supply of new handsets from Apple in Russia is carried out with considerable delay. So, 3GS delayed more than six months, iPhone 4, late at 2.5 months. In VimpelCom also does not comment about the timing of the iPhone 5, but stressed that negotiations with Apple for the supply of products of the company are continuing. Information about the new device from Apple has very little. As usual, the new product launch is being prepared in secrecy. Resource CNET News has learned that the American corporation has ordered 10 million iPhone 5 from Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron. Taiwan Business Journal of the tech industry Digitimes, citing their sources in the industry, assured that the delivery device of the party will begin in September 2011. A Guardian recently reported that the new Apple smart phones have already begun to be provided to cellular operators for testing. But the specifications are so far no one knows. Meanwhile, Russian operators seem to have already started getting rid of stocks of the previous generation iPhone.



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