iPhone 5 Touch Panels Have Some Defect

Defects discovered in Wintek-produced touch panels bound for Apple’s next-generation iPhone could adversely affect initial shipments of the device and the defect is said to be difficult to avoid during production, especially if not detected early on in the process. The displays are plagued by what are called delayed bubbles, where small pockets of gas are trapped between the touch panel and it wouldn’t be the first time customers had to wait a little extra time to start using a new Apple device……………

Taiwan-based manufacturing company Wintek is having some trouble with the iPhone 5 panels it is producing, a new report from DigiTimes and the tech news site reported that Wintek is finding a delayed bubble defect in some of the iPhone 5 panels it has produced. Sources suggest that because the manufacturing process is similar in nature to that of the iPhone 4, Wintek is expected to resolve manufacturing issues quickly. The report, which has been published just weeks ahead of Apple’s rumoured October 4 unveiling, may suggest that Apple may not meet initial shipment targets but Wintek has been quick to deny rumours by stating that all of its products are being delivered on schedule. With over a year between iPhone announcements, providing Apple with huge lead time to ensure its initial shipments ready before launch, rumours of a delay at this late stage could be a case of pure misinformation. Wintek is thought to provide only a quarter of iPhone touch panels, with Taiwan-based TPK Holding accounting for 60-65% and Chimei Innolux for the remainder, indicating that with its shared distribution strategy Apple will have accounted for production issues to meet its targets.


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