iPhone 5C May Not Be That Expensive After All

When Apple unveiled its ‘cheaper’ iPhone 5C a few days ago, it was criticized by many quarters. Coming at a price of $549, many cited how far it was from being a cheap handset. However, the smartphone is now being offered for $99 with a two-year contract, a deal which may sound lucrative to many.

iPhone 5C

Many had hoped that Apple would launch a plastic handset at a price which would let the company gain influence in emerging markets. This is precisely why when the price of unlocked iPhone 5C was revealed, many were astonished.

A smartphone pegged well above $700 in, say, China may not be able to attract the crowds, especially since it has a plastic appeal. Moreover, why would anyone want to shell out that much money when adding a few hundred more would earn him an iPhone 5S, or what many are calling the ‘real’ iPhone.

However, a closer look reveals that when purchased with contract, iPhone 5C may actually be an attractive option. That’s because Apple recently launched the in-store trade-in program through which, you can turn in your iPhone 5S handset and pay off the $99 for iPhone 5C. You’ll be in for a two-year carrier contract but looking at the bright side, you’ll have enough money left from the trade-in to buy accessories for the new smartphone.

In fact, different carriers may offer more enticing deals for the plastic iPhone. Sprint has already launched such a deal by offering $100 off to anyone who switches from a rival carrier. Since iPhone 5C is $99 with the two-year contract, you may be able to get a free iPhone 5C by switching to Sprint.

Courtesy: BGR

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