iPhone 5S May Be Delayed Till The End Of 2013

Until now, it was being expected that Apple may come out with a new handset, popularly touted as iPhone 5S, in September or October this year. However, Commercial Times has reported that Apple may delay the launch of the handset until the end of 2013.

iPhone 5S concept

According to the Taiwanese newspaper, the delay in the release of the handset has primarily been because Apple decided to redesign iPhone 5S at a later stage by featuring a 4.3-inch retina display screen in the smartphone.

Commercial Times has also reiterated the claim that has been made by many other publications in the past. According to the paper, Apple is also expected to dish out a number of cheaper iPhone models by the end of third quarter.

Many analysts have speculated that Apple may decide to launch such affordable versions of iPhone in order to gain an entry into the developing markets. But so far, Apple hasn’t, in any way, confirmed that it is indeed working on any such handsets.

Moreover, if as per the newspaper’s claims, Apple has indeed delayed the launch of iPhone 5S, that would reflect rather poorly on the iPhone market. That is because iPhone 5 sales have already declined significantly and many analysts have been stating that Apple is in a dire need to launch a new handset as soon as possible in order to regain momentum in the smartphone market.

Courtesy: Bloomberg

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