iPhone Air Concept

The CiccareseDesign has created a concept of the next iPhone 5 and this is thinner than the current model with a larger screen and this concept is in line with the buzz around the new Apple smartphone. iPhone 5 Air concept featuring an edge-to-edge display complete with a brushed aluminium tapered body design, which mirrors that of Apple’s ultra-thin, super-light MacBook Air……………..


Apple iPhone 5 is launching within the next couple of months and it will be called the iPhone Air, this is how it should be. No one knows what it is going to look like but if this is the real design then we will all be jumping for joy. Ciccarese Design has come up with a concept that we believe Apple should make reality, the iPhone 5 aka Air is what is all about, a cross between the new iPhone 4 design mixed in with the little MacBook Air love. It starts of at the top as the iPhone 4 and then tapers to a thin tapered edge at the bottom. This looks totally stunning, when it comes to the design of a mobile phone you cannot beat the Apple, make it open source and then all will be on the happy train. It features the awesome edge-to-edge touchscreen display; surely these renderings of the iPhone Air could come true. Apple just give some sort of insight to the next release of the iPhone, it is all about titillation just to stop iOS users swaying onto the Android side. Excite and they stay, disappoint and they go. Simple process really, Apple really needs to pull something good out of the bag, the specs need to be amazing, and the design if like the iPhone Air will turn heads.



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